F-162 Albrecht von Wallenstein

(*14.9.1583 - †25.2.1634)
An ambitious man who pursued his interests with great zeal. Thanks to his talent for business, diplomacy and politics, he acquired greater wealth than even the Emperor himself. During his career as a general in the Thirty Years War, he achieved the rank of an Austrian imperial generalissimo. He became one of the founders of modern standing armies and one of the most influential individuals in Europe.

Albrecht z Valdštejna
  • Country:
    Česká republika
  • GPS:
    50°26'9.772"N, 15°21'8.224"E
  • Série:
    Kdo byl kdo (CZ)
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    laminovaná samolepka, 4 výseky, rozdělená do 5 polí, rozměr 5 × 13 cm

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Albrecht z Valdštejna
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