F-145 Charles IV

(*14. 5. 1316 - †29. 11. 1378)
The greatest member of the House of Luxembourg, the king of Czech kings and Holy Roman Emperor, known as the Father of the Country. He loved the Czech Kingdom and Prague, which he transformed into an urbanistic gem of Europe. He established 11 universities and constructed more than 100 places of worship. He spoke 5 languages and was the first of the Czech kings to be able to read and write. He became the most powerful and significant authority of his day.

Karel IV.
  • Country:
    Česká republika
  • GPS:
    49°56'14.449"N, 14°11'9.775"E
  • Série:
    Kdo byl kdo (CZ)
  • Číslo v sérii:
  • Technical specifications:

    laminovaná samolepka, 4 výseky, rozdělená do 5 polí, rozměr 5 × 13 cm

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Karel IV.
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