F-417 Saint John of Nepomuk

(*ca 1345 - †20.3.1393)
An internationally renowned Czech saint, an eloquent preacher, a vicar general and a native of Pomuk. He was a precise person with the thought processes of a lawyer and was devoted to his work. He reached the top of his field, where he defended the rights of the church and its freedom against the despotism of Wenceslas IV. He was tortured for his devotion to his faith and the confidentiality of the confessional, after which he was thrown from Charles Bridge into the Vltava.

Svatý Jan Nepomucký
  • Country:
    Česká republika
  • GPS:
    49°29'6.784"N, 13°34'51.071"E
  • Série:
    Kdo byl kdo (CZ)
  • Číslo v sérii:
  • Technical specifications:

    laminovaná samolepka, 4 výseky, rozdělená do 5 polí, rozměr 5 × 13 cm

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Svatý Jan Nepomucký
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